Bitcoin Free Fall Continues As Dominant Cryptocurrency Drops Below $7,000 | HotHardware

#Bitcoin plunges below $7,000 with its hair on fire. #cryptocurrency


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@Robert Hamilton I hate Crypto charting but I was asked to and decided to do some in Nov 2016. My prediction was 8-12k with 10k being my number. The next thing I predicted was a retrace in Feb to 3k, so I also agree with your number. The thing I did not predict was WS getting involved so early. Once the regulated market / dumb money showed up I just threw my hands in the air and realized I have no idea what I am talking about. What I like about this is that if we went to 100k the FOMO would be strong and would be hard to stop, but. At this point we have scared all the dumb money away and they are all out of diaper money. I am sure if someone goes through a year and bit of posts in g/bitcoin my OP can be found but I am to lazy to look for it. I got fiat waiting in an exchange account waiting for the bottom and then pull the trigger. I have not 100% decided what to get yet, as everything is down.
LOL @J.P. Morgan and followed. Nice account yoink.
It will hit $3000 then hold steady for a while.
Get out while you can. We project BTC = $0.00 by Valentine's day, coupled with a bear market that is going to be VERY ugly VERY soon.