Coinbase Has Added 150,000 Users Since CME's Annoucment — Steemit

Coinbase Has Added 150,000 Users Since CME's Annoucment

Coinbase has added 150,000 new users in the days following CME Group's announcement that they plan to operate a Bitcoin futures market. While CME is still seeking regulatory approval to launch it appears that users wanting to get in the action aren't waiting around.

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Patrick Ulrich

Patrick Ulrich

Baseball fan, technology addict, political junkie


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So how can I join those bidcoins?
Nice patola
How can I set up a Bitcoin wallet?
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HVBTF Hive Blockchain Technology
How do I join bitcoin?
Hey Patrick its Patrick my plz MSG me on FB I need some advise if u can spare a second of your time..if not I understand thanks for letting me follow you
What do you think of PMXO?
@Adrian Thomas interesting. You have one machine or a rig? Because of the difficulty level, it requires more power.
@Adrian Thomas I was told that it is far more expensive to mine bitcoin, buying them is easier. What do you recommend? And if you have solutions, please share them.
Bitcoin miners for sale
@Patrick Ulrich I have a question. How do you rate ethereum? I am hearing they are shooting up and might make more millionaires for those that invest now?
@Anna Nováková how do you recommend it?
@Hazel Queen good talk
@Patrick Ulrich good talk
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Ok thanks feel free to inbox me
@Skitzco Corp you have several options, you can mine bitcoin/ invest/ or trade them.

From what I know is, buying bitcoin is easier than mining bitcoin.

And there are programs that can earn you bitcoins, and pays you daily 1% of your investment. This is the easiest way to earn ( a friend of mine said it’s a great side income for him, return from a little investment he made)
How can we benefit from this?
@Patrick Ulrich that’s sounds really simple. Hope , I can effectively promote it to earn bitcoins.
It doesn't cost anything to join so it's an easy way to possibly earn some bitcoin for you and your friends without ever having to buy any.
Thanks for the link. There are many bit-companies to promote,one of them I’m already a member of. I will check them all out.
Those are some of the exchanges that appear to be available. I'd also recommend joining It's a social media site similar to Google+ that pays out it's own token for users to post interesting content and comments that you can then convert over to Bitcoin.
Where do you live?
@Patrick Ulrich please I’m interested in buying bitcoin. Where to buy from?
@Patrick Ulrich the bitcoin is 9900+ today! In two weeks 2k went up... that’s remarkable!
@Hazel Queen​ I don't mine at all. I've always found it more profitable to just buy the coin and wait for it to appreciate in value. I've also seen lots of scams within the mining sector especially cloud mining. That being said everyone I've heard speak of Genesis has given a positive review.
I want to mine my own, but it’s difficult to get mining machines. Pls let me know if I can use cloud mining? Pm me pls
Genisis mining... anyone tried?
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@Eric Henry put me through
Who can tell me what this is all about?
I tried an S5 miner were I live I must share my wifi and the owner is complaning that I took up 90% oh the band width. So ha ha I had to unplug. P.S. Sad story.. But I own some hash power from genisis-mining. Found them to be most legitimate.
Want to know more about bitcoin
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@Patrick Ulrich oh okay you have never tried mining
No I can't say that I have been. I actually operate BTMs for my involvement in the industry.
@Patrick Ulrich are you interested in bitcoin mining?
Love the community! spam please
@Stan James yes, I'm a miner
has this happenned to you? know the fix?...Im waiting for a reply from Bitmain...I definitely do not want to send it back!!!
@Stan James you can drop your email so we discuss on Hangout
my antminer died..i upgraded the firmware..indicated it flashed successfully but when it went into limbo
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@Stan James I mine with blockchain
Albert..CME is not going anywhere...they are legit....who do you mine with?...or are you solo?
There’s no way you should ever be giving your cryptocurrency away to another company to trade on your behalf! when you can mine directly on your blockchain and earn up to 0.7 btc weekly with our mining system.
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But at the same time the house speaker said they will look into questionable activities...
hi amar basa pabna from kalachad para upne jup kothay koran
Once I heard that Josh Brown of CNBC opened a Coinbase account, that was enough convincing for me to open one too. My initial investment has appreciated 60%.
For the most part not really. Then again Coinbase doesn't broadcast to the network unless you send off their systems. Anything within the Coinbase network is handled offline to reduce their costs.
Do unconfirmed transactions grow significaly?
Patrick Ulrich