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Have you heard of Steem before? It's a very interesting platform that rewards content producers with a digital currency called Steem. You can then take your Steem and convert it for bitcoin or any other digital currency. So for everyone that's ever asked how they can get free bitcoin then here's your way!

Steem's innovative idea is to create a network that rewards it's users with their own tokens called Steem or Steem Dollars. These tokens have value as the only way to place ads on the platform is through the use of Steem. Essentially the more people using the platform the more each token's value will grow.

While there are many ways to work within the Steem blockchain the most popular is Steemit. Steemit is a very similar in design to Reddit and acts as a social network that will reward users for posting content, discovering and upvoting good content and also by creating dialogue through posting comments on other's posts.

For the past year I've lurked through and followed some excellent users but more recently have decided to start posting much more. In fact I plan to post lots of the same news I normally post here on there first. Before I get started with that I wanted to do an introduction post there. On that simple post I actually have already made $2.22 in less than 24 hours.

You can sign up today for free @ or if you'd like to follow my postings there you can find me at:
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You don't seem to get my point because you don't seem to understand censorship. Censored being defined as to examine (a book, movie, etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it. There is no true suppression so it's not censorship like you keep saying. You may not like the moderation but no one is stopping your opinion from being delivered.

What truth do you want me to speak on Steemit? I will be happy to test your thesis and see if any truth is suppressed. If so then I'll be happy to talk about it. If there is no suppression then I would hope you would quit spreading misinformation.

As far as it's lasting ability I guess we'll see. That being said point to any better alternative and I would love to check out their offering.
@Patrick Ulrich I get your point; on other platforms its often even worse, but that doesn't change anything to the fact that it's just a decoy, its just a selling point, as there is censorship and its being done by the whales that have thousands times more voting power than a regular users

result; its a platform for fools, because anybody who's willing to actually speak the truth will be viciously attacked and destroyed ... by some of the whales

its a problem and they're not even willing to talk about it

steemit will not last
What you fail to realize is that by allowing the comment to be there, even hidden but still visible, it's far superior to any centralized network. I lost my bitcoin collection on Google+ for 3 months for no reason. I couldn't even distribute a message to my following if they we're following me. Nothing. Sending any message, hidden or not, would be better than being truly silenced.

I've also even got flagged by whales on the platform, looking at you Grumpycat, but that doesn't mean the platform is flawed in anyway. It's the same as pissing off a moderator on Reddit. Except now you don't get banned you just get downvoted. How is that not superior to centralized networks?

Oh by the way I've made a lot more than any traditional social media ever paid out. That's a nice perk but the real revolution is censorship resistance.
@Patrick Ulrich sure ... question is; did you pay attention to what's happening in the shadows or did you just have some fun?

here's the problem; so, yes; all posts and comments remain on the blockchain itself; but ... they're not visible on the site

you can claim that's not censorship, but ... it's hidden on the site; if one of the whales doesn't like 1 post or comment of you, they can completely destroy you, to never be seen again

sure, your post is still on the blockchain, but it doesn't get any traction; nobody will see it

and that's really the most typical thing about steemit; it all sounds good in theory, while in reality it's the most corrupt, most censored platform that exists
@Philip Mzele just head over to and sign up there. There are no costs for creating an account.

@Michiel Van Kets it's been a few months since we had our discussion. I would love to discuss again.
@Philip Mzele the costs is that, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much money you put in ... there are 1`9 witnesses that own 90% of the voting power and if you go against the fascist/socialist ideology, they will destroy you, so ... the cost is; if you're not obeying the fascist overlords; you will lose everything, while if you do obey them ... you're nothing but an empty illusion of who you think you are
How does this work?
Would like to join but what are the costs?
Let's talk again in a few months...
@Michiel Van Kets​ I've yet to hear of anyone creating a post that wasn't included in a block. Sure it may remove you from the feed if there is heavily downvoted material but all content is still being posted and is available on your profile for anyone to see or share. Compare that to when I was recently flagged on Google+ and my entire collection was made private and no one outside of myself could see.

I agree some whales do have millions. That being said even the largest whale (excluding @steemit as that account is just the main account and has provided no curation) no one has over 4% of Steem Power. Additionally if you add up the top 20 users excluding @steem then they would only hold around a quarter of the actual Steem Power. Not nearly enough to truly hold out the remaining community's 75%.

Comparing this to other social networks you would also see how the millionaires can influence. If you try to scroll through Facebook you will definitely see tons of content that was paid for and promoted by people far above the median Facebook Power aka US dollar.

Thank you for also pointing out the readjustment to Witness rewards. They are not earning enough Steem to control the system. It also wouldn't help to create more witnesses as that would only increase the number of people empowered to censor the platform. Users that want to see the network grow just need to vote for good witnesses or vote for a proxy that shares their mindset. Increasing the number would just make 999 people receiving SP for witnessing and hold out the rest of the community.
@Patrick Ulrich and about the whales getting diluted ... that's just not true, it's the claim, yes, but that's not how it actually works, as they're making steem as well; they're so big; nobody can ever catch up with them

the whales have millions, while the most popular writer has just a few hundred thousand ... it's really fucked up

in theory it all sounds really good, which is why about a year ago I was on it for a few months and that's how I learned in little steps that it really works very differently than what is being said or what most people believe

they did solve the main problem, which was the witnesses making too much profit, but by now they got so much power already; it's too little too late; they should start over and allow 999 witnesses ... then it could work, as the idea and the concept is great, but the way they implemented it was wrong
@Patrick Ulrich no, it's in fact very heavily censored; whales can destroy your posts and your reputation and when that happens, nobody gets to see your posts or comments ... that's the main problem
@Nenad Ristic​ is a long time Steemit user whose insights have been helpful to my understanding of the platform.
For anyone who would like to have a better understanding of what we are discussing with witnesses please check out pfunk's post A Full Steemit User's Guide to Steem Witnesses -
@Michiel Van Kets​ Regardless the platform is still open and non-censorable. Anyone can make any post they'd like but they may not make money off of it.

Witnesses are also not assigned. They are voted upon by anyone who holds Steem Power and as such can be unelected if they are not performing their duties responsibly. I also don't see why they would working against the interests of the platform as their individual holdings will no longer have the same value. I'm still not seeing how the execution is so bad.
@Michiel Van Kets oh don't get me wrong in the short term there should definitely be issues with whales pushing their own agenda but eventually those should get diluted by a larger market. Same as how I described the bitcoin issue above. A whale can only push an agenda for so long until they will be diluted out.
@Taelo Modikwa their intentions were to create an open, non-censored platform, but ... at the same time they also wanted secure their own position and power, which is why they limited the amount of witnesses to 19, most of them being the developers themselves and ... those witnesses used to get way too much rewards, with as a result that 90% of all the voting power is in the hands of those 19 whales and because the thousands of users have to share the remaining 10% ... it's absolutely impossible for anybody to ever catch up with the whales

@Michiel Van Kets​ please share the knowledge, don't let us walk in blindfolded
@Patrick Ulrich forget the theory and just use it a lot ... you will notice it works very differently than advertised

@Michiel Van Kets​ I'll admit that I don't have a deep understanding but this is just what I've gathered from the information I've been able to find to date. Please enlighten me to where my misunderstanding is.
@Patrick Ulrich you obviously don't understand how steemit actually works
Whales will have the ability to downgrade posts but not forever. I find this very similar to the fear that large governments will just buy up all the bitcoin and then destroy it through manipulation.

If @berniesanders continuously votes against other users then eventually he will begin to loose his power to do so and the economic advantage will move to users that don't share his views. His power to control the narrative will also fade as adoption grows. With more users available, if his opinion differs from the masses, he'll again lose more and more power to control his narrative.
good idea, horrible execution ... berniesanders is destroying anybody who doesn't support his fascism and the other whales do absolutely nothing about it
Alright.. understood
Yeah I joined over a year ago and have just been lurking around reading others posts. I just made my first post on the platform yesterday.
You joined since 2016 and your post made it seem like 24 hours??
@Paul Czege I think that is an excellent use case. Anyone interested in a niche should definitely be using Steemit and becoming a strong voice on their topic. I'll certainly be checking out your page!
There's a small group of folks from the tabletop games scene that have been messing with Steemit lately. @Dan Maruschak@Christopher Weeks@Stephanie Bryant​ a few others.
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